NHL Hit Again With a Concussion Lawsuit

On Monday, February 9,  yet another concussion related lawsuit was aimed at the NHL by former players seeking damages for the NHL’s alleged failure to protect and warn players about the long-term effects of head trauma.

The lawsuit, filed in Minnesota District Court, joins several other previously filed lawsuits alleging similar claims against the NHL.  The 29 plaintiffs in the new complaint, including Manny Legace and Butch Goring, is set to become part of the multidistrict litigation before Judge Sue Nelson that consolidated the previous lawsuits.

The complaint alleges the league was negligent or reckless in failing to take proactive steps to protect or educate NHL players regarding the significant risks behind head trauma injuries.  Additionally, the league is alleged to have disregarded scientific evidence linking head trauma to long-term neurological injuries.  The plaintiffs claim to suffer from many post-concussion symptoms including memory loss, sleep disorders, and headaches.  They additionally claim an increased risk of developing serious neurological disorders like CTE, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.  The NHL has yet to comment on the latest lawsuit.

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