NHL Players’ Assault Charges Dismissed

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On January 22, 2020, the assault charges against Colorado Avalanche forward A.J. Greer and Columbus Blue Jackets forward Sonny Milano were dismissed after the two paid an undisclosed victim’s medical bills and performed community service.

On July 7, 2019, Greer and Milano were arrested in New York City after an alleged assault of an undisclosed 28-year-old individual. Following their arrest, Greer and Milano faced third-degree assault charges. The New York Post reported that the undisclosed individual promised the two players that he could arrange table service for $600 each at a local New York City nightclub; however, once the group returned to Milano’s West Village apartment, the undisclosed individual insisted that the men owed him more money. This demand allegedly prompted Milano and Greer to “strike [the undisclosed individual] about the face and body,” causing bruises, redness, and pain to his face, neck, and upper body.

When NYPD officers responded to the brawl in the apartment, Greer insisted the altercation was nothing more than a pushing match. According to the report, Greer told the officers that the undisclosed individual “got in [his] face asking for money [and Greer] pushed him to get him out of the way.” When asked about marks and scars on his face, Greer responded, “I’m a hockey player, I’m a fighter. The injuries on me are from hockey.” During a hearing, Greer’s attorney claimed the undisclosed individual “was acting like a crybaby” and Greer had, in fact, “acted lawfully and frankly exercised tremendous restraint.” Both players plead not guilty to the alleged charges.

Greer and Milano – bottom-six NHL forwards who have both spent time in the AHL – did not face supplemental discipline from the NHL, AHL, or their respective clubs. Their respective teams did issue statements that they were aware of the allegations but declined to further comment pending the ongoing investigation and court proceedings. In fact, on August 1, 2019, shortly after the altercation, Greer signed a one-year, two-way contract, with the Avalanche.