No Extra Innings: Cubs, MLB Reach Settlement With Apparel Vendors

On November 9, 2016, Major League Baseball and the Chicago Cubs reached a settlement with the 84 vendors accused of selling counterfeit MLB merchandise. In the motion, the Cubs declared that it had entered into a confidential settlement with the vendors and requested that the court issue a permanent injunction, preventing them from selling the merchandise in the future.

Due to the great success the Cubs experienced this season, a large number of fake apparel vendors began selling products with symbols resembling MLB marks, leading to this lawsuit back in September. The suit alleged that the selling of fake gear caused the MLB and Cubs irreparable harm by taking away potential revenue and ultimately diluting the marks.

Since the beginning of this lawsuit, the vendors acknowledged that their products contained “substantially indistinguishable” or “confusingly similar” imitations of MLB marks, admitting that they had no legitimate right to use them.

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