North Carolina’s Bathroom Law is Changing the Fate of Sporting Events

In March, the North Carolina Legislature took a debatable position on modern gender controversies and passed a law that invalidated an anti-discrimination ordinance. The ordinance was intended to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals; however, the North Carolina Legislature prevented these protections from ever being enforced.

North Carolina’s law, which has become known as the “bathroom law,” requires that individuals use public bathrooms that match the gender stated on their birth certificates.

Since its creation, the bathroom law has created quite the uproar in North Carolina. First, the NBA took a stand against this controversial law and decided to relocate the 2017 All-Star Game out of North Carolina. Then, while the NCAA initially approached this law with some caution and adopted an anti-discrimination policy for all NCAA hosting sites, it did not stop there. Earlier this month, the NCAA upped its ante when it announced that the 2017 March Madness Tournament would not be held in North Carolina.

These major basketball associations are not the only groups taking a stand against the bathroom law. Other North Carolina sporting events have been relocated and some musical artists are refusing to perform in the state. Thus, while North Carolina Legislators presumably thought the bathroom law would only affect individuals impacted by the law, it also seems to be affecting the fate of sporting events that are held in North Carolina.

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