Disney Suing Musical Company for Infringement

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Last week, entertainment giant Disney file suit against a Pennsylvania based Entertainment Theatre Group, doing business as American Music Theatre (AMT).  In its complaint, Disney alleges that AMT’s production, Broadway: Now and Forever, infringes its rights and is seeking damages.

AMT is staging Broadway: Now and Forever, a show that billed as a “larger-than-life theatrical compilation of unforgettable music from the hottest new blockbusters to all-time favorite classics.” “Broadway: Now and Forever recreates the greatest moments ever on stage.”

The show includes references to Mary Poppins, The Lion King, and Spider-Man.  According to Disney, recreating these scenes and characters infringes on its copyrights and trademarks.  Images of the production can be seen in the complaint, here.

Disney is also making an unfair trade practices claim. This claim is related to the Spider-Man portion of the show.  “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is the most expensive production in Broadway history.”  Broadway: Now and Forever features six actors dressed like Spider-Man performing a choreographed routine while a video screen displays animated footage of Spider-Man.

Disney says AMT’s refusal to stop performing the show, even after receiving warning, amounts to willful infringement.  As a result, the company is seeking $4.95 million in damages in addition to AMT’s profits obtained by the infringement.

Disney’s Complaint

Disney Sues Over Musical Featuring ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘The Lion King’

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