Sampling Not Palpable in “Run This Town” According to Judge

On Thursday, November 13, Jay-Z’s copyright infringement litigation load  lightened up as District Judge Kaplan for the Southern District of New York  filed an Order seemingly favoring Jay-Z.

This good news comes just over a week after yet another federal lawsuit was filed against Jay-Z for allegedly stealing a song, “Made in America.”  In this dispute, Jay-Z is being accused of sampling the song  “Hook & Sling Part 1” in his 2009 hit “Run this Town.”  The Judge’s order states that after several listens, the court was unable to discern the alleged sample.

Things don’t look good for the plaintiff as the judge also warned the plaintiff “should be prepared to demonstrate [the sample’s] presence in appropriate, perceptible ways.”  Oral argument on the matter is scheduled for November 19.  If the plaintiff cannot show the court the alleged sample, the case will be dismissed.

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