Semi-Pro Football Player Pleads Guilty to Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Jason Fitch, a semi-professional football player for the Oklahoma City Bounty Hunters, recently pleaded guilty to two counts of workers’ compensation fraud.

Fitch, a lineman for the Bounty Hunters, alleged that he had injured his knee while kicking a heavy bag during training with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office in May 2014.  However, on further investigation of the claim and after none of the witnesses at the Sheriff’s office could corroborate Fitch’s story, the Attorney General’s office discovered that Fitch had given inconsistent histories of injury to medical professionals along with other evidence suggesting that he had actually hurt his leg while playing football.  Fitch also appears to have lost his job with the Sheriff’s office in October 2014 when he was arrested for alleged drug possession arising from a nightclub altercation.

Ultimately, Fitch pleaded guilty to two counts of workers’ compensation fraud due to receipt of three months of benefits and has received a term of probation in addition to agreeing to repay $1,373.63 in restitution.


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