So Far 9 Former NFL Players Say ‘No’ to Settlement Offer

As the deadline to opt out of the proposed concussion settlement, so far nine players or their representatives chose to opt out while more than 4, 000 players have registered to receive any updates on the settlement.

Although some former players, including Dave Duerson and Junior Seau, wish to delay the deadline until after November 19 when a fairness hearing is scheduled, the deadline is currently set on October 14.  In a motion filed on October 2 to keep the current schedule, the lead players’ lawyers said that the players and their families need to receive the settlement money as soon as possible to alleviate their financial burden.

The NFL’s settlement offer would pay at least $765 million over 65 years and more in some cases to players who suffered or have been suffering from brain injuries linked to concussions.  For example, a player with Lou Gehrig’s disease could receive up to $5 million.  However, the average player with moderate dementia could expect about $190,000.

Any players who opt out of the settlement may choose to individually sue the NFL.  In doing so, they must establish that their brain injuries were caused solely by NFL concussions.


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