Update: NCAA Transfer Rule

As we have previously covered, the NCAA recently changed their transfer rules. In the past, student-athletes went through a “permission to contact” process. This process limited their ability to transfer as their current college coaches were able to block the athlete from transferring to certain schools. Now, starting in October 2018, the NCAA has shifted to a “notification” system that will allow the athletes to transfer without coaches’ permission.

However, on June 19, 2018, various NCAA conferences, including the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big TenConference, Big …

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Estate of Former UNC Player Sues NCAA and ACC

The estate of former University of North Carolina offensive lineman, Ryan Hoffman, has sued both the ACC and NCAA on claims of negligence, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment in relation to head injuries Hoffman sustained while playing for UNC. The action seeks to establish a class action including former UNC players or their representatives.

Hoffman’s suit alleges the ACC and NCAA failed to provide adequate medical attention addressing severe and/or multiple concussions, failed to protect Hoffman and other players from brain trauma leading to …

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North Carolina Lawmaker Believes NCAA and ACC Engaged in Excessive Lobbying Over HB2

While the country is busy preparing their March Madness brackets, the fight over HB2 in North Carolina continues. As previously discussed on this blog, one impact HB2 had on North Carolina was the NCAA and ACC’s decision to remove several championship events away from the state. However, one North Carolina lawmaker has recently questioned whether the NCAA and ACC violated their tax-exempt status by moving sports championships outside of North Carolina.

According to the IRS, no 501(c)(3) organization may qualify for tax-exempt status …

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ACC Locks Down Members with Media Rights Deal

On April 22, 2013, the Atlantic Coast Conference (“ACC”) Counsel of Presidents voted to approve a grant of media rights through 2026-27.  Because the deal ensures that each school’s media rights for all home games would remain with the ACC regardless of the member institution’s exit from the conference, the move would make it almost financially impossible for member schools to leave.  The ACC is now the fourth league of the “power five” (which also includes the Big Ten, Pac-12, Big 12, and the SEC) …

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