Going for the Sack: ESPN Argues that Jason Pierre-Paul Authorized Release of Medical Records

On September 12, 2016, ESPN and Adam Schefter filed an answer in Jason Pierre-Paul’s invasion of privacy lawsuit, claiming that the suit should be dismissed due to the fact that Pierre-Paul agreed to let his medical records go public. This is not the first time ESPN and Schefter have attempted to dismiss this case — back in May, ESPN claimed that dismissal was warranted under First Amendment protections for matters of public interest.

In the answer, ESPN and Schefter raise several affirmative defenses, two of …

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ESPN Continues to Defend Adam Schefter Over Medical Records Tweet

On May 16, 2016, ESPN continued their legal support of star reporter Adam Schefter’s reporting by filing another motion asking a Florida federal judge to dismiss the case due to First Amendment protections for a matter of public interest. This case arose after Schefter tweeted New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records to support his reports that Pierre-Paul had successfully undergone surgery to amputate his right index finger stemming from a Summer 2015 fireworks accident. Pierre-Paul filed a civil suit claiming a violation …

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ESPN Claims Tweet was Lawful in Jason Pierre-Paul’s Civil Suit

On Thursday April 7, 2016, ESPN told a Florida federal court that it cannot be held liable for a tweet sent out by reporter Adam Schefter in 2015, where images of New York Giants defensive star Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records were uploaded to the internet. The case stems from an incident in the summer of 2015, where Schefter, one of ESPN’s most popular NFL insiders, was covering the story of Pierre-Paul’s July 4th fireworks accident, in which he blew off part of his right …

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