Biogenesis Leader Bosch Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

On Tuesday, February 17, steroid supplying, faux-doctor Anthony Bosch was sentenced to four years in federal prison for running an illegal medical clinic  and providing illicit substances to MLB players and high school athletes.

Bosch’s phony medical clinic, Biogenesis of America, is responsible for supplying steroids to 14 MLB players including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, who were penalized by the league for their use of performance enhancing drugs.  Showing tears and remorse in court, District Judge Darrin Gayles was not lenient, expressing contempt for …

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Yankees Seeking to Avoid Paying Potential $24 Million Bonus to A-Rod

The New York Yankees have made it clear they are still unhappy with Alex Rodriguez despite his return.  A-Rod is preparing to return after a year-long suspension for admitted use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.  At the same time, the Yankees are avoiding contact with the player, hoping to give him as little time playing as possible, and seeking to void his milestones bonus contract.

Recently, the Yankees have given A-Rod the cold shoulder a few times.  They have made it clear that he …

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A-Rod Admitted Doping to Federal Agents

On Wednesday, any doubt that Alex Rodriguez had taken performance enhancing drugs was put to rest by the release of a synopsis of the Yankees 3d Baseman’s January meeting with federal prosecutors and DEA agents.  A-Rod admitted to using steroids.

Alex Rodriguez missed the entire 2014 season serving a one year suspension from the MLB for using performance enhancing substances.  However, he never failed a drug test.   Since he was originally targeted for doping after admitting to using performance enhancers in the early 2000’s, …

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A-Rod Sues Yankees Doc For Malpractice

In the midst of his appeal of a 211-game suspension arising from the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs, Alex Rodriguez just filed the anticipated malpractice suit against a Yankees’ team physician. Professional Liability Matters posted of the rumblings of a malpractice suit in August.  Now, the other shoe dropped. Although the allegations are serious, many speculate that A-Rod’s real goal of this lawsuit is to distract from A-Rod’s steroid controversy and to deflect blame.

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