Just When You Thought It Was Over: 9th Circuit Seeks More Information from Athletes and NCAA

Previously, it was reported that U.S. District Court Judge for the Northern District of California, Claudia Wilken, handed a limited win to college athletes in the Shawne Alston, et al v. NCAA, et al case. Judge Wilken ruled that the NCAA cannot limit compensation or benefits “related to education.”

However, the plaintiffs were seeking to invalidate caps on all forms of compensation. In their quest, they appealed Judge Wilken’s ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. On Jan. 6, 2020, the …

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Judge Wilken Keeps Scholarship Lawsuits Against NCAA Alive

On Thursday, October 9, Northern District of California Judge, Claudia Wilken, denied the NCAA’s motion to dismiss pending class action lawsuits against it for scholarship related antitrust violations.

The NCAA filed its motion to dismiss the cases after the same judge, Claudia Wilken, ruled against the NCAA in the O’Bannon case finding the association was in violation of antitrust laws for its denial of player compensation.  The NCAA argues here that the Alston and Jenkins cases should be dismissed as the issue of player scholarships …

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