NFL Concussion Multijurisdictional Litigation is Turning into a Headache

In 2014, former Arizona Cardinals NFL players sued their team for negligence, negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, and loss of consortium. In their complaint, the former NFL players stated that the Arizona Cardinals, as an employer, owed them duties to maintain a safe working environment, not to expose them to unreasonable risks of harm, and to warn them about the existence of concealed dangers. Their argument alleged that while they were unaware of the risks associated with football-related concussions, the Arizona Cardinals knew, or should have …

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Uncertainty Looms for Arizona Cardinals’ Stadium Bond Holders

Over the past year, operators of University of Phoenix Stadium — home of the National Football League’s Arizona Cardinals — have lost two lawsuits over the legality of its rental-car taxes used to fund the stadium.

Back in 2000, Arizona’s legislature issued bonds for funding backed by a number of sources, with a car rental tax making up about one-third of revenue. Arizona voters approved the car rental tax, and the stadium was completed in 2006. Since its completion, however, the rental-car tax has been …

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