Hank Haney Sues PGA Tour, Claims They Forced SiriusXM to Cancel His Radio Show

Hank Haney, former SiriusXM radio host and coach for Tiger Woods, filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour, alleging that they put pressure on Sirius to cancel his radio show.

Back in May, on the “Hank Haney Golf Radio” show on SiriusXM, Haney made comments about the U.S. Women’s Open that caused backlash. These comments were taken to be sexist and racist, and Haney both apologized on air and released a formal apology. Sirius initially responded by suspending Haney before cancelling his show altogether.

Now, …

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TaylorMade Pulls Rocketballz Advertising Claim

On June 12, 2013, The National Advertising Division (NAD) heard Callaway Golf Company’s challenge regarding a claim that “the average golfer picked up about 17 yards” with TaylorMade Golf Company’s “Rocketballz” 3-Wood. The NAD provides alternative dispute resolution for companies that challenge factual claims made in national advertisements.

The NAD examined whether TaylorMade implied that Rocketballz would actually increase the average golfers distance by 17 yards despite their experience or skill. TaylorMade said the claim was a “single misworded reference” to its Rocketballz fairway woods. …

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