Michael Rapaport Moves For Summary Judgment Against Barstool Sports

Comedian Michael Rapaport moved for summary judgment in a lawsuit against Barstool Sports, Inc., on March 3, 2020, contending that there was enough evidence to find the entertainment company liable for breach of contract and defamation.

According to Rapaport’s complaint, the comedian entered into a contract with Barstool Sports in 2017 to provide video content for the company’s webpage and to host a weekly podcast on the company’s platform for Sirius XM. Rapaport claims that this deal entitled him to $200,000 for the online videos …

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DraftKings Comes Under Fire Following Collusion Scandal Involving “Bachelor” Stars

Two stars from “The Bachelor” are facing allegations that they colluded in a DraftKings contest to win $1 million, adding to the controversies that the daily fantasy sports industry is facing.

Jade Roper-Tolbert won $1 million in the DraftKings Millionaire Maker involving the NFL playoffs. She entered 150 lineups, which is the maximum number allowed for a single contestant. Tanner Tolbert, her husband who she met while filming “Bachelor in Paradise,” also entered the same contest with 150 entries. However, it is alleged that none …

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Court Orders Rihanna to “Talk That Talk”

Pop star Rihanna was fined $47,050 for repeatedly missing depositions. The singer is suing her ex-accountants Berdon LLP for allegedly mismanaging her money. She says Berdon’s bookkeeping led the IRS to audit her, and now Berdon owes her millions. However, according to Berdon, she has been blowing of depositions since April.

The original deadline for a deposition was April 19, 2013 in Los Angeles, but she pushed that date back to mid-May. Then, the deposition’s May deadline was rescheduled because of her concert.  Most recently, …

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