Class-Action Suit Against Riddell Dropped

A class-action lawsuit brought against Riddell by former high school and college football players has been dropped. The former players had alleged that Riddell, the NFL’s official helmet maker from 1989 to 2014, misrepresented the degree of safety provided by helmets manufactured by the company. Specifically, the plaintiffs alleged that Riddell falsely claimed in advertising and marketing materials that its Revolution helmets would reduce concussions by 31 percent compared to other helmets on the market, without ever testing them for the type of hits …

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Federal Judge Refuses Chiefs Players’ Request

On December 3, 2013, a group of five former Kansas City Chiefs football players filed a workers’ compensation lawsuit against the Chiefs. The uniqueness about this lawsuit stems from the fact that this is one of the first cases suing a specific National Football League. The case parallels many claims made in the suit brought against the NFL; however, it questions “whether concussion-related cases should be heard by an arbitrator under the auspices of the league’s collective bargaining agreement.” These players chose to sue only …

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NFL Concussion Multijurisdictional Litigation is Turning into a Headache

In 2014, former Arizona Cardinals NFL players sued their team for negligence, negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, and loss of consortium. In their complaint, the former NFL players stated that the Arizona Cardinals, as an employer, owed them duties to maintain a safe working environment, not to expose them to unreasonable risks of harm, and to warn them about the existence of concealed dangers. Their argument alleged that while they were unaware of the risks associated with football-related concussions, the Arizona Cardinals knew, or should have …

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NFL Concussion Litigation: Plantiffs’ Numbers Continue to Grow

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, the children of retired NFL Quarterback Rudy Bukich joined the ongoing litigation against the NFL and Riddell Inc., alleging that the league and the helmet manufacturer were aware of the dangers of football but failed to take steps to mitigate it.

Rudy Bukich, now 85 years old, played for four NFL teams during the years of 1953 through 1968. The plaintiffs allege the following in their complaint:

Rudy Bukich has suffered extreme long-term brain damage, has advanced dementia, is kept …

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