Duerson Family Backs Off NFL Concussion Settlement Appeal; Heimburger Presses Forward

Former NFL lineman Craig Heimburger recently filed a notice of appeal in an attempt to put a stop to the current $1 billion NFL Concussion settlement. The appeal of the settlement has the potential to delay care for players in medical need of its proceeds by many months. Heimburger’s decision is in stark contrast to that recently made by the family of the late Dave Duerson, who decided against an appeal as they

“[didn’t] want to hold up awards for retirees who need

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NFL Concussion Settlement Appealed; Benefits Delayed Again

The long-awaited settlement between the National Football League and its former players suffering from concussion-related injuries will be further delayed as one player and his wife filed an appeal of the agreed upon and judge-approved settlement on Wednesday, May 13.

The settlement, having gone through several negotiations and a prior rejection by Judge Anita Brody, addressed the court’s concerns on monetary limit and was finally approved on April 22. The latest settlement relieves the $675 million cap the NFL set on its contribution to …

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