Duerson Family Backs Off NFL Concussion Settlement Appeal; Heimburger Presses Forward

Former NFL lineman Craig Heimburger recently filed a notice of appeal in an attempt to put a stop to the current $1 billion NFL Concussion settlement. The appeal of the settlement has the potential to delay care for players in medical need of its proceeds by many months. Heimburger’s decision is in stark contrast to that recently made by the family of the late Dave Duerson, who decided against an appeal as they

“[didn’t] want to hold up awards for retirees who need

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NFL Concussion Settlement Likely to be Appealed for Failing CTE Victims

The estate of former Chicago Bears safety,  expressed an intention to appeal the approval of the most recent settlement between the NFL and retired players over the concussion litigation, which looks to pay out almost $1 billion in compensation.

Wednesday’s settlement provides the greatest amount of relief any of the prior settlements have offered, lifting the $765 million cap that once restricted the amount the NFL would pay out.  Under the settlement, players would receive compensation in varying amounts for varying diseases; a diagnosis …

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Dave Duerson’s Family Objects NFL Settlement Proposal

The family of Dave Duerson, the former Chicago Bears defensive back, filed an objection of the NFL settlement offer that was preliminarily approved in July 2014.  The families of David Duerson and Forrest Blue with 8 other former players named in the objection stated that the NFL concussion settlement “disenfranchises the families who will inevitably suffer the horrific ramifications of CTE” because the proposed plan excludes players who are diagnosed with the disease after July 7, 2014, the date of the court’s preliminary approval.  In …

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