Class Action Lawsuit Against L.A. Rams Stays in Federal Court

The Los Angeles Rams enjoyed a victory in the Eighth Circuit on July 19, as a district court ruling to remand the class action suit against them to Missouri state court was vacated. Previously, U.S. District Judge Ronnie L. White had remanded the case from Missouri federal court back to Missouri state court on jurisdictional grounds, finding that all parties in the suit were residents of Missouri. However, the Eighth Circuit vacated the ruling after finding that evidence presented by the Rams in federal court …

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Copyright Controversy: NFL Players’ In-Game Performances Protected by Individual Publicity Rights

In a decision issued  Friday,February 26, 2016 the Eighth Circuit affirmed a summary judgment ruling against NFL athletes John Frederick Dryer, Elvin Lamont Bethea, and Edward Alvin White.

The dispute dates back to 2009 when a number of ex-NFL athletes sued the NFL, alleging in part that the NFL misappropriated their “names, images, symbols, and likenesses, to promote the NFL, sell NFL-related products, and otherwise generate revenue for the NFL” in violation of state right of publicity law and the Lanham Trademark Act of 1946. …

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