Documents Show Fox News Settled Sexual Harassment Case Against Bill O’Reilly

Fox News network has settled another sexual harassment scandal. Juliet Huddy, a local New York television personality, has alleged that both Bill O’Reilly and longtime Fox executive, Jack Abernethy, pursued her, albeit, unsuccessfully for sexual relationships. She rebuffed both relationships to her own demise. Fox has denied Huddy’s allegations, but nevertheless, settled the potential lawsuit for a disclosed sum on money combined with an expensive confidentiality clause.

Huddy and her family are well-known to the Fox family. Her father, John Huddy Sr., was consultant …

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Fox News Chairman Demands Arbitration in Sexual Harassment Case

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, who was recently accused in a sexual harassment suit by former network personality Gretchen Carlson, has demanded the case be sent to arbitration as a condition of Carlson’s employment contract with Fox. Ailes’ demand was made because Carlson’s contract with Fox requires arbitration for any dispute between the parties. Carlson is arguing that because her claims are against Ailes himself, and not the network, the contract does not apply and she is entitled to a public jury trial.

Carlson alleges …

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