NFL Agent Sues NFLPA for Harassment and Harm to Reputation

NFL player agent Vincent Porter is suing the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), claiming that they unfairly harassed him over dismissed criminal charges and ultimately ruined his professional reputation.

In 2014, Porter was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The NFLPA suspended Porter after the charges were announced and publicized his suspension. Porter entered a deferred prosecution agreement and eventually had his charges dismissed with prejudice. Following the dismissal of charges, the suspension was reversed in 2016 after an arbitration between Porter and the NFLPA. …

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New England Patriots Player Asks Judge to Throw Out ‘Trash Talk’ Lawsuit

New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung has asked a federal judge to dismiss a defamation lawsuit by a former Los Angeles Rams employee that involves the posting of a text message on social media.

As we reported earlier, former Rams ticket executive Matthew Hogan sued Chung and Matthew Weymouth, a friend of Chung’s who ran his social media pages. The lawsuit is over text messages that Chung posted to his social media. The post consisted of an exchange between Hogan and Weymouth where Hogan …

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Patrick Chung Sued over Posted Trash Talk

On March 27, 2019, a former Los Angeles Rams ticket executive, Matthew Hogan, sued Patriots safety Patrick Chung and Matthew Weymouth over trash talk that was later posted on social media. According to the lawsuit, Hogan was “forced from his job” and now cannot find a new job after Weymouth, the man who runs Chung’s social media account, posted a text message exchange, between Hogan and Weymouth, where Hogan said, “Patrick Chung is a b***h.”

According to Hogan, the text message was a joke sent …

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Wife of Erik Karlsson Seeks Protection Order from Mike Hoffman’s Fiancée

News broke on June 12, 2018, that on May 4, the wife of Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson, Melinda, filed an order of protection against Karlsson’s former teammate Mike Hoffman’s longtime partner, Monika Caryk. According to the application, Caryk had been threatening Melinda and Erik Karlsson since November 2017. Caryk allegedly posted over 1,000 negative and derogatory statements on social media about Melinda. Also, Caryk allegedly “uttered that she wished [Melinda] was dead and that someone should ‘take out’ [Karlsson’s] legs to ‘end his career.'” …

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Former Mets Executive Sues for FMLA Violation and Discrimination

Former Senior Vice Presidnet for Ticket Sales and Service, Leigh Castergine, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in the Eastern District of New York, alleging Jeff Wilpon, part-owner of the Mets and Chief Operating Officer, harassed her for being pregnant, ultimately leading to her dismissal from the team on August 26.

Castergine alleges in her complaint that Jeff Wilpon became fixated on her pregnancy as she was not married.  In addition to several accounts of  other discriminatory and appalling behavior, the complaint alleges Wilpon stated “I am …

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Shatner Sued by Former Handyman and Housekeeper

Husband and wife Oscar and Delmy Alfaro are suing William Shatner his wife Elizabeth in California Superior Court for wrongful termination, accusing the pair of firing them after Oscar refused to sign a release for an on-the-job injury he sustained in March 2011.

The couple, who had worked full-time at the Shatners’ Studio City, California home for 20 years (Oscar as a handyman, Delmy as a housekeeper), accused Mr. Shatner of approaching Oscar with a release after Oscar fell in the driveway and injured his …

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