Hockey Player Sues Equipment Company, Claims Visor was Defective

Ian Hermann, a former junior hockey player, has sued the equipment company, HockeyTron, alleging that he was injured when a visor shattered on his face after being struck by a puck.

In October 2019, Hermann brought suit in the 429th District Court of Collin County, Texas, alleging claims of product liability, breach of implied warranty, and negligence against HockeyTron. Hermann said that he purchased a Tron S30 Helmet Visor since it was marketed as being strong enough to protect the wearer from puck and …

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Former NHL Enforcer Michael Peluso Goes After His Old Teams for Millions in Head Injury Suit

Back in April, Michael Peluso, former NHL “enforcer,” filed suit against the New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues, and the team’s insurance companies for intentionally hiding the dangers he faced from continued head injuries arguing that his claims fall outside of workers’ compensation (learn more on injury claims and compensation from this weblink). He argues that a newly discovered medical report shows that the teams knew of the risks of further head injuries, but kept putting him back on the ice.

Peluso specifically alleges …

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Knockout: NFL Commits $100M to Concussion Initiative

On September 14, 2016, the NFL announced a new initiative that targets the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of head injuries. As a part of this initiative, Roger Goodell explained that the league and its 32 owners will devote $60 million toward developing technology that will help player safety, such as improved helmets. The league will also provide $40 million over the next five years towards funding medical research, primarily dealing with neuroscience, or the ultimate effects of the head injuries.

This initiative, labeled as the …

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Former NFL Players Accused Union of Conspiring to Conceal Risks of Head Injuries

NFL veterans Christian Ballard (Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle) and Gregory Westbrooks (New Orleans Saints linebacker) have filed a lawsuit against the National Football League Players Association, accusing the union of fraud, negligence, and civil conspiracy.

Targeting a retirement board which includes three union representatives, the complaint alleged that the board, since at least the 1990s, has paid disability payments to retired players with traumatic brain injury (TBI).  From reviewing such claims, the union knew about the dangers associated with traumatic brain injuries, according to the …

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