Jack Nicklaus Settles Trademark Infringement Lawsuit with Maker of Golf Training Technology

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus settled his trademark infringement lawsuit against PowerPro Sports LLC on February 20, 2020. As we previously reported, Nicklaus Companies LLC, Nicklaus’ corporate vehicle, sued PowerPro, makers of the Powerchute golf training technology, alleging that the company unlawfully used his likeness and trademarks without permission to promote their training product.

According to the lawsuit, Nicklaus made an agreement with PowerPro and allowed the company to use videos and photographs of himself to promote their product; however, Nicklaus described the agreement as …

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Fore! Jack Nicklaus Sues Maker of Golf Training Technology for Trademark Infringement

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus has sued PowerPro Sports LLC, alleging that they are unlawfully using his likeness and trademarks without his permission to promote a product.

Nicklaus Companies LLC, Jack Nicklaus’ corporate vehicle, has sued PowerPro in Florida federal court. PowerPro makes the Powerchute golf training technology, which the company claims improves golf swing through the use of aerodynamic drag. Nicklaus argues that PowerPro violated his right of publicity under Florida law, as well as violated the federal Lanham Act by engaging in false endorsement, …

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Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Files Motion to Dismiss Fraudulent Misrepresentation Suit

According to summary judgment motion papers filed by Jack Nicklaus on January 14, 2015, the golf legend asked the court to dismiss the plaintiffs’ $1.5 million claim. The action, filed in Utah federal court, rises from the plaintiffs’ investment in a planned golf course and the defendants’ alleged false representations.

The planned golf course was set to be built in Southern Utah for $3.5 billion. However, the luxury resort went bankrupt in 2009.

Plaintiffs Jeffrey and Judee Donner filed suit in 2011, claiming Jack Nicklaus …

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Appeals Court OK’s Lawsuit Against Jack Nicklaus to Go Forward

A Colorado couple succeeded in dragging Jack Nicklaus into a legal battle after a federal appeals court allowed the suit to go forward.

The couple Jeffrey and Judee Donner filed a lawsuit in 2011 against Nicklaus over a misrepresentation of his membership in Mount Holly, a luxury golf resort in Utah that went bankrupt in 2009 before it was even open.  They also alleged that the legend “solicited” them in 2007 to invest $1.5 million in the resort.

More specifically, they mentioned promotional video that …

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