‘What Masie Knew’ Screenwriter Facing Libel-in-Fiction Suit by Ex

The movie “What Maisie Knew” has been commonly understood as being an adaptation of Henry James’ 1897 novel that shares the same name.  That work chronicled the bitter tale of a daughter caught between two parents in a custody battle between her biological parents.   On April 18, 2014, actress/musician Ronee Sue Blakley sued Carroll Cartwright, the film’s co-writer, alleging that the recent film adaptation of the piece was actually a defamatory portrayal of the former couple’s contentious custody battle that lasted over ten years.

In …

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Hoffman Friend Sues ‘National Enquirer” for Libel

There has been plenty of controversy and media hype over the apparent heroin overdose that caused the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Now David Bar Katz, a playwright friend of Hoffman’s, is suing the publisher of the National Enquirer tabloid, American Media, Inc., for libel over a recent story in the magazine which stated that Hoffman and Bar Katz were gay lovers, and that Bar Katz had witnessed Hoffman doing drugs on several occasions, including the night before Hoffman’s untimely death.

Bar Katz’s lawsuit …

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Tiger’s 2013 Grade: “C” for Cheater?

Chances are that Tiger Woods has never gotten an “F” on any test or examination in his life. After all, he’s won 79 PGA Tour events, is a 14-time major champion and, prior to turning professional, spent two years as an undergraduate at Stanford University, one of our nation’s most prestigious institutions. This is at least part of the reason that Brandel Chamblee’s 2013 season-in-review “report card”, published last week on Golf.com, in which he gave Woods a grade of “F” for the season, …

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Former Penn State President Files Last Minute Libel Suit

On Tuesday, July 9, 2013, former Penn State president Graham Spanier filed suit against Louis Freeh. Freeh is the former FBI investigator behind a 267-page report  alleging that Spanier and other school administrators failed to protect children against Jerry Sandusky.  Spanier is suing Freeh for slander, libel, and defamation alleging  that the Freeh report makes accusations and reaches conclusions not supported by facts.

Fortunately for Spanier, his lawsuit was filed one day before the statute of limitations ran. Under Pennsylvania law, a party can only …

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Cold Hearted Snake: Former American Idol Contestant Files Libel Suit Against MTV and Viacom

Former American Idol contestant Corey Clark filed a libel lawsuit on Thursday, July 6 in the Middle District of Tennessee against MTV Networks Enterprises Inc. and its parent company Viacom International Inc., claiming that he was repeatedly defamed by an MTV news reporter.

Clark was a contestant on season two of the popular televised singing competition American Idol.  He was disqualified in 2003 after Idol officials learned that Clark had failed to disclose that he had been arrested in Topeka, Kansas, and that he …

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