MLB Umpire Joe West Sues Ex-Player Paul Lo Duca for Defamation Over Bribery Claims

Major League Baseball umpire Joe West has filed a lawsuit against ex-player Paul Lo Duca, alleging that Lo Duca defamed West by falsely accusing him of bribery.

In one of his podcasts this past April, Lo Duca claimed that a teammate told him that West engaged in bribery. That teammate, Billy Wagner, allegedly told Lo Duca at a 2006 or 2007 New York Mets v. Philadelphia Phillies game that he lent West his 1957 Chevrolet in exchange for opening up the strike zone for him. …

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Former Mets Executive Sues for FMLA Violation and Discrimination

Former Senior Vice Presidnet for Ticket Sales and Service, Leigh Castergine, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in the Eastern District of New York, alleging Jeff Wilpon, part-owner of the Mets and Chief Operating Officer, harassed her for being pregnant, ultimately leading to her dismissal from the team on August 26.

Castergine alleges in her complaint that Jeff Wilpon became fixated on her pregnancy as she was not married.  In addition to several accounts of  other discriminatory and appalling behavior, the complaint alleges Wilpon stated “I am …

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