The “Greek Freak” Freaks over Trademark Infringement

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a member of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, recently filed a lawsuit against Viral Style LLC, a clothing company. According to Antetokounmpo, Viral used the trademarks “Greek Freak” and “Greek Fr34K” without Antetokounmpo’s permission. Antetokounmpo earned the nickname “Greek Freak” and later trademarked the name and an accompanying image related to his nationality, skill, and household notoriety.

The nearly seven-foot-tall Bucks star claims Viral infringed on and counterfeited his trademarks by “designing, selling and distributing various products, including tees, hoodies and T-shirts, under the …

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Milwaukee Bucks Dancer Settlement Agreement Not Quite a Slam Dunk

In September 2015, former Milwaukee Bucks dance team member Lauren Herington filed a class action against the NBA franchise, claiming that it engaged in “prolific wage abuse” of her and other members of the dance and cheerleading squads. The suit was filed in Wisconsin’s federal courts, and claimed that Bucks dancers spent hours in training, wardrobe maintenance, practice and dancing at games, as well as appearing at charity events and posing for a calendar. The dancers would be paid a flat rate of $65 per …

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More Cheerleaders are Chiming in: Milwaukee Bucks Dancers File Wage Action, Joining Trend

On Thursday September 24, 2015, former Milwaukee Bucks cheerleading team member Lauren Herington filed a class action against the NBA organization regarding minimum wage violation allegations. Herington represents a class of current and former Bucks cheerleaders/dancers, aptly named, the “Bucks Dancers.”

The lawsuit was brought under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and pursuant to Wisconsin state wage and hour laws. The action is seeking increased wages and damages, in addition to injunctive relief for attorneys’ fees, unpaid overtime wages, and unpaid minimum wages. The …

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