NHL Wants to Keep Concussion Lawsuit in the Courtroom, Not in the Media

On Wednesday, October 21, 2015, the National Hockey League filed an official opposition in a Minnesota federal court against the release of what they believe to be privileged documents to the public. In its memorandum of law, the league argues against the “de-designation” of confidential documents sought after by the plaintiffs, who are made up of a class of former NHLers bringing suit to recover under a theory that they suffer, or are at risk of continued medical complications, due to sustained head trauma while …

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NHL Concussion Litigation: 3 Plaintiffs Voluntarily Dismiss Claims

By Monday September 28, 2015, a total of 3 plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed themselves from the NHL concussion multi-district litigation, which commenced in 2013. These plaintiffs, all former NHL hockey players, were part of the lawsuit claiming that the league failed to protect its players from brain injury. Of late, the number of plaintiffs added to the original 10 plaintiffs grew by 29 former players in February 2015.

The 3 players who withdrew—Dan Fritsche, German Titov, and Bob Bourne—were targets in the NHL’s recent motion to …

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Home Field Advantage: Minnesota Judge Sends Brady’s Suit to New York Court

On Thursday, July 30, a Minnesota federal judge ordered the NFL Players Association’s lawsuit on behalf of Tom Brady back to New York.  The NFLPA brought this suit against the NFL in an attempt to vacate the four-game suspension that was upheld upon appeal on Tuesday.

Immediately after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the suspension, the league asked a federal judge in Manhattan to affirm the decision.  Because the NFL took advantage of this “first-to-file” rule, the Minnesota judge ordered the transfer back to …

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8th Circuit Affirms NFL Player Publicity Settlement

On Thursday May 21, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit affirmed a 2013 settlement between NFL retirees and the NFL. A group of former players brought suit against the NFL seeking to be compensated for the use of their images.

The $50 million settlement received final approval of a Minnesota federal judge in November 2013, despite the objection of 19 players. Some of those players appealed and echoed their contentions that the settlement was unfair to the Eighth Circuit. Their main argument …

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Judge Dismisses Publicity Rights Lawsuit by Former NFL Players

A federal judge in Minnesota nixed a lawsuit brought by three former NFL players Fred Dryer (LA Rams), Elvin Bethea (Houston Oilers), and Ed White (Minnesota Vikings) who claimed that the NFL violated their publicity rights in using video clips of them playing football.  The players had opted out of a $50 million settlement offered in a class action suit over publicity rights of athletes.

U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson found the NFL Films’ productions that featured game footage of Ram, Oilers, and Vikings were …

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