Signs and Signals and Trashcans, Oh My! Astros Cheating Scheme Exposed

Sports scandals are not a foreign concept to fans, players, coaches, owners, and the like. For example, on March 2, 2012, the NFL announced it had evidence of the New Orleans Saints’ “bounty system that gave cash rewards for knocking [opposing players] out of games” during the 2009-2011 NFL seasons. Somewhat similar, MLB is experiencing something that, while less dangerous, is just as detrimental to the integrity of the sport.

Baseball catchers use signs and signals to determine what type of pitch will be thrown …

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Wife of Deceased Quarterback Joins NFL Concussion Suit

Almost immediately after the release of the New York Times article that claimed the NFL used faulty data in its concussion research, the NFL faced yet another class action lawsuit. Since the article’s release, the NFL has disputed the allegations. The NFL threatened a defamation lawsuit in its demand that the Times retract the article. However, the Times refused to retract and has defended its reporting.

About a week after this class action was filed, Rose Stabler, wife of deceased Oakland Raiders quarterback Kenny Stabler, …

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The Fallout: A Day After the Release of New York Times Investigation Findings, NFL Hit with New Lawsuit

It certainly was not the last we heard of it, and it did not take long for the other shoe to drop. Just one day following the release of a New York Times article claiming extensive flaws in the National Football League’s concussion research as well as ties with the tobacco industry, the NFL was hit with yet another negligence putative class action lawsuit in Florida federal court. This lawsuit, brought on behalf of a proposed class of NFL athletes “preliminary diagnosed with a …

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The Whole Picture: New York Times Investigation Calls into Question the NFL’s Concussion Research

“It was understood that any player with a recognized symptom of head injury, no matter how minor, should be included in the study.” — Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee

On Thursday, March 24, 2016, the New York Times published its conclusions following an investigation into research conducted by the National Football League from 1996 to 2001 into the dangers of head injuries to athletes. The Times’ investigation uncovered potentially major flaws and omissions in the research, as well as purported similarities between the NFL’s …

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