At The Goal Line: Rams and PSL Holders Secure Prelimary Settlement Approval

On Thursday, January 24, the Los Angeles Rams and purchasers of personal seat licenses (PSLs) procured preliminary approval of a settlement agreement in the amount of $24 million.

By way of brief history, the St. Louis Rams moved to Los Angeles back in 2015. Following this relocation, several St. Louis Rams’ PSL holders brought suit on behalf of more than 46,000 PSL purchasers who secured their PSLs prior to the team’s departure. These multiple lawsuits were ultimately combined into a singular action; this combined action …

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Rams Hit Hard Over Franchise Move to Los Angeles

Last September, a federal judge in St. Louis ruled that the Rams must refund deposits to some fans that purchased personal seat licenses (PSL) during the franchise’s two decades in the city and offer others the opportunity to buy season tickets to games in Los Angeles. That decision by U.S. District Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. came in three lawsuits, which were later consolidated into one case. At issue were about 46,000 PSLs to buy season tickets in St. Louis first sold by FANS Inc., …

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Rams Must Compensate Fans for St. Louis Personal Seat Licenses

On September 21, 2016, U.S. District Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. ruled that the Los Angeles Rams must compensate some St. Louis Rams personal seat license holders with either a refund or new season tickets. Three different parties have sued the Rams regarding the more than 46,000 people who bought PSLs prior to the team’s departure in January, but in July, the lawsuits were consolidated into one case, although they differ in the type of damages being sought.

The suit itself is quite convoluted, as …

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Rams Claim They Owe Fans Nothing After Move to Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Rams responded to requests by fans to refund the purchases they made of useless seat licenses through the 2024 season. According to the NFL team, the plaintiff is misinterpreting the licensing agreements. The Rams are requesting that the court deny the requests of the proposed class.

The Ram’s recent decision to move from St. Louis to Los Angeles has since caused issues with angry fans and season ticketholders. The plaintiffs point to a contract clause that obligates the team to pay back …

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Will the Rams Owe Fans $50 Million for Moving to LA?

The Rams move from St. Louis to Los Angeles spread waves across the football community. Not only was L.A opening its doors to football again, but St. Louis is losing a team that was a staple of the city. Thirty of 32 National Football League teams approved the plan of Rams owner Stan Kroenke to move. Kroenke plans to move the site to Inglewood California, ten miles from downtown Los Angeles, to a Hollywood Park racetrack. This is a $1.8 billion project, and $550 million …

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Rams Hit with Second Class Action Lawsuit Over L.A. Move

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016, another class action complaint was filed against the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, alleging that the Rams’ move to Los Angeles has rendered St. Louis Rams season tickets “valueless.”

According to the complaint, “tens of thousands” of St. Louis Rams season ticket holders purchased Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs), which gave them the right to purchase season tickets through the 2024 season. Yet, the Rams announced in early 2016 that they were moving to Los Angeles, making the PSLs worthless. The fans …

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