Ex-Wrestlers Argue WWE Hid Risks of Head Injuries in Concussion Lawsuit

In a Second Circuit lawsuit, a group of former professional wrestlers argued that the statute of limitations did not lapse in their lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), as they knew about and hid the risks of head injuries.

As we reported earlier, 67 retired wrestlers sued WWE and its CEO, Vince McMahon, arguing that WWE failed to protect the health of its wrestlers. As a result, these retired wrestlers suffered concussions, CTE, and other brain injuries. The lawsuit was dismissed in September …

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WWE Counters Wrestlers’ Appeal in Concussion Lawsuit

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and its CEO, Vince McMahon, have fought back against 67 retired wrestlers who appealed the dismissal of their concussion lawsuit.

Beginning in 2014, these former wrestlers filed lawsuits against WWE, arguing that the organization failed to protect their health, which resulted in concussions, CTE, and other brain injuries. In September 2018, the Connecticut District Court dismissed the lawsuit as many of the plaintiffs stopped wrestling before WWE was aware of the risks of head trauma. The attorney for the plaintiffs, …

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WWE Alleges Attorney Improperly Solicited Wrestlers in Royalty Suit

On October 27, 2017, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) accused attorney Matthew Peterson of soliciting former wrestlers to join a royalty suit against WWE. WWE requested the court compel Peterson to provide documents and testimony that were previously denied under claims of privilege and improper instructions not to answer questions during the deposition. Specifically, WWE seeks a March 2016 email from Peterson to plaintiff Scott “Raven” Levy, and the same plaintiff to testify about a meeting with co-plaintiff Marcus “Buff” Bagwell.

The lawsuits filed by …

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WWE Might Come Out on Top in Wrestling Brain Injury Suits

Back in 2015, more than 50 former wrestlers and performers filed suit against the WEE, alleging that it hid the risk of brain trauma and failed to offer wrestlers necessary medical attention and support. The suit alleged that the former wrestlers suffer from long-term brain damage and the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known as CTE, the Alzheimer’s-like neurodegenerative disease related to repeated hits to the head. The wrestler’s claimed that the WWE knew about the potential for brain injury, and was not only negligent …

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WWE Seeks to ‘Knock-Out’ Final Remnants of Concussion Suit

As was recently affirmed, in the WWE’s concussion saga there only remain lawsuits by former professional wrestlers claiming the WWE committed fraud by failing to inform its athletes of the dangers of concussions and other brain trauma. Now, the WWE seeks to toss those remaining suits in a motion for summary judgement urging a Connecticut federal court to dismiss the allegations and end the legal battle.

On August 1, 2016 the WWE moved for summary judgement on the final remaining claim — fraud — …

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Connecticut Federal Court Reaffirms ‘Smack Down’ of Concussion Suit Against the WWE

On July 21, 2016 Connecticut Federal Judge Vanessa L. Bryant handed down a partial win for the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. in the concussion lawsuit against them. Specifically, the judge denied the ex-wrestlers motion to reconsider the previously dismissed complaints that the WWE fraudulently handled the risk of concussions with their athletes.

This case stemmed from a consolidated class action by many former wrestlers alleging fraud by omission when the WWE knew of the risk of concussions and failed to do anything about it. Particularly, …

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WWE, Discovery Going Forward in Concussion Suit

United States District Judge Vanessa L. Bryant of the Connecticut federal circuit lifted the discovery stay in a concussion lawsuit against the WWE on Friday, January 15, 2016. While many similar lawsuits against the wrestling company were transferred and consolidated before Judge Bryant over the last few years, the stay was lifted here only in regards to the claims filed by former wrestlers Evan Singleton and Vito LoGrasso.

Discovery will be limited, however, to allow the plaintiffs the opportunity to determine whether the WWE knew …

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