Peloton Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Expanded to $300 Million, Includes Over 2,000 Songs

A refreshed complaint against cycling giant, Peloton, by over 30 music publishers was approved by a federal judge, approximately doubling the number of songs and damages claimed.

As we reported earlier, 30 music publishers filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Peloton in March. The company is known for its high-end stationary bicycles that allow users to stream online spinning classes. The lawsuit alleges that these classes used copyrighted music and that Peloton failed to obtain proper synchronization licenses, which are fees paid to music …

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Former Publishing Partner of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Entitled To Share Profit

A Texas state judge ordered the publisher of “Fifty Shades of Grey” to set aside $10 million for the publisher’s former partner, Jennifer Pedroza, after the jury found that she was entitled to her share of the book’s royalty rights.

In her order, State District Judge Susan McCoy ordered the money be deposited in a court registry by September 25 as negotiations for a judgment amount take place for Pedroza.

In her case against Amanda Hayward and TWCS Operations Proprietary Ltd., Pedroza claimed that Hayward …

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