Lawyers Request Their Cut of Reebok Antitrust Settlement

NFL apparel customers in a class action suit against Reebok, Inc. were awarded a $4.75 million settlement for their claims that Reebok’s exclusive licensing deal with the NFL violated antitrust laws. Now, the lawyers representing the class of plaintiffs in the case would like their cut.  On July 18, attorneys from The Katriel Law Firm PC and Krause Kalfayan Benink & Slavens LLP petitioned a federal judge in California for $1.52 million in attorney’s fees for their work, in addition to reimbursement for over $847,000 …

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Plaintiff Drops out of NFL Apparel Antitrust Lawsuit

On Thursday, August 28, the lead plaintiff in Dang v. San Francisco Forty Niners, Ltd., submitted a stipulation of voluntary dismissal with Judge Davila of the Northern District of California.

Patrick Dang, the lead plaintiff and class representative, has decided to withdraw from the lawsuit he waged against the NFL and Reebok citing health concerns that have begun in May of this year.  The stipulated agreement allows for a withdrawal of plaintiff Dang and a dismissal of his individual claims without prejudice and without an …

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NFL Sacked Again in American Needle Case – May Head to Trial in Antitrust Dispute

In 2010, the Supreme Court declared that the National Football League’s practice of league-wide licensing deals was not immune from antitrust scrutiny under Section One of the Sherman Act.  On remand, a recent order by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois denied the NFL’s motion to dismiss the case and set the stage for a trial.

The American Needle company, an entity that had acted as a vendor for the NFL for 20 years, initially sued the league, 30 of its …

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