NCAA and Student-Athletes Request Final Approval of $75 Million Settlement

On September 29, 2017, former student-athletes asked the Illinois federal court to approve the $75 million settlement against the NCAA for head trauma. With the reports of young NFL players diagnosed with brain damage after death, the former student-athletes insist that the medical monitoring part of the deal cannot come soon enough. The final approval hearing is scheduled to be heard before the judge in November.

The former student-athletes argued that the settlement is ready for final approval because the evaluation of the student-athletes’ claims …

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NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Players Object to Concussion-Related Settlement

Former NCAA women’s lacrosse player Samantha Greiber filed an objection to a proposed settlement reached in class-action litigation against the NCAA over concussions. Greiber alleges she suffers from permanent brain injuries due to concussions sustained from playing lacrosse at Hofstra University. She wanted to wear a helmet to prevent, or at least, minimize her injuries, however, the NCAA currently bars female players from wearing hard helmets, but requires them for male players. Greiber objects to the proposed settlement because it would bar Women Lacrosse Players …

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