Players’ Unions v. Jock Taxes: An Inside Look at This Waging Legal Battle

Last week, we reported that the NHL Players’ Association, MLB Players’ Association, and NFL Players’ Association sued the city of Pittsburgh for charging a fee on nonresident professional athletes that play within the city. These fees, often referred to as jock taxes, have come under fire over the past few years.

The players’ associations are not challenging the legality of jock taxes in general. It is well established that states and municipalities have the right to tax income earned by athletes in their jurisdiction. …

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NFL, MLB, and NHL Players’ Associations Sue Pittsburgh Over “Unconstitutional” Athletes Fee

The city of Pittsburgh is being challenged for a fee it is charging  nonresident professional athletes who play for Pittsburgh teams.

The NHL Players’ Association, MLB Players’ Association, and NFL Players’ Association, along with baseball player Jeff Francoeur and hockey players Kyle Palmieri and Scott Wilson, have sued the city of Pittsburgh. The city currently imposes a three percent general revenue income fee on professional athletes who reside out of state. Athletes who live in the city, however, pay only a one percent fee. Pittsburgh …

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Chicago Bears’ First Loss of the Season is a Costly One

On Thursday, August 7, the 1st District Appeals Court of Illinois issued their ruling in a tax dispute between the Chicago Bears and Cook County Department of Revenue.  The showdown remained close until the very end where the Bears came up short in a 2-1 split decision awarding Cook County $4.1 million plus interest in unpaid taxes.

The dispute arose over the statutory construction of Cook County’s 3% amusement tax.  From 2002-2007, the Chicago Bears paid the 3% on the value of their club …

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