Kanye West Versus Taylor Swift — The Saga Continues

The newest chapter in the Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud stems from the release of video footage on Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat account.

In Kanye’s latest album, The Life of Pablo, he released a song titled “Famous,” which made a reference to Swift. Upon release, Swift was publicly outraged at the song’s content and denied giving Kanye permission to use the specific lyrics West used in the song. This disagreement prompted Kim Kardashian to defend West by posting recorded videos on her Snapchat between …

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Taylor Swift Shakes Off Lawsuit with Settlement

Taylor Swift appears to be out of the woods as she has reached a settlement to resolve a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by clothing brand “Lucky 13” last year.

The bad blood started in May 2014 when Lucky 13 filed its complaint alleging that Taylor Swift and her affiliated companies, such as Taylor Nation LLC and Taylor Swift Productions, Inc., infringed on the registered trademark “Lucky 13.” According to the complaint, Taylor Swift, who claims her lucky number is 13, began using “Lucky 13” to …

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Taylor Swift Sued Once Again; R&B Artist Claims “Shake It Off” Lyrics Were His

Taylor Swift is once again being haled in the courtroom as a defendant.  This time she is being sued for allegedly ripping off the lyrics to her hit “Shake It Off.”  Jesse Braham, a U.S. based R&B singer, reportedly has filed a lawsuit claiming Swift stole the words to “Shake It Off” from his 2013 song called “Haters Gone Hate.”  Braham is seeking two things in his suit; financial compensation in the form of $42 million, and he wants his name added to the song’s …

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Can’t Shake it Off: Ongoing World Tour Doesn’t Exempt Taylor Swift from Depositions

There appears to be bad blood between award-winning music artist Taylor Swift and clothing company Lucky 13, which claims that Taylor Swift and her affiliated companies, such as Taylor Nation LLC and Taylor Swift Productions, Inc., infringed on the registered trademark “Lucky 13.”

A California federal judge ruled on Tuesday that despite her ongoing world tour, Swift will need to create a blank space in her schedule for a deposition. A representative for Swift claimed that Lucky 13 was just trying to cause trouble, stating:…

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Court Denies Taylor Swift’s Motion to Dismiss Lucky 13 Suit

A California district court denied Swift’s motion to dismiss a trademark infringement suit over ‘Lucky 13’ brought by Blue Sphere, Inc. last May.  Blue Sphere, an Orange county-based company, does a business as ‘Lucky 13’ and sells a wide range of products including clothing and has sued over Swift’s use of the phrase ‘Lucky 13’and selling via internet t-shirts bearing the phrase without the company’s authorization.  Additionally, the suit named American Greetings as one of the defendants for running the online promotion of a “Lucky …

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Taylor Swift Calls ‘Lucky 13’ Infringement Suit Frivolous, But Is It?

Taylor Swift and American Greetings Corporation submitted their answer to a trademark infringement suit commenced by an Orange County-based Blue Sphere Inc. doing business as Lucky 13.  In their answer, Swift and American Greetings urged the court to dismiss the allegedly frivolous lawsuit, claiming that the only purpose of the suit is to draw attention to the plaintiff’s brand.

Filed in May, the suit alleged that despite Blue Sphere’s ownership of federally registered ‘Lucky 13’ trademarks, Swift marketed and sold clothing that bears ‘Lucky 13’ …

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