New York Appellate Court Rules Fantasy Sports is Illegal Gambling

The New York Appellate Division, Third Department, has ruled that fantasy sports betting is illegal gambling in New York State, reversing a 2016 law that had permitted the activity.

Previously, the legislature passed a law regulating daily fantasy sports, stating that the practice was legal within state limits. Opposition to the bill pointed out that the New York State Constitution prohibits lawmakers from legalizing gambling absent an amendment to the State Constitution. Meanwhile, proponents of the bill argued that the activity failed to meet the …

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Former Major League Baseball Umpire Loses Comp Appeal Seeking Continuing Benefits

Mark Hirschbeck, a former Major League Baseball umpire ultimately sidelined following a hip replacement and subsequent complications, lost his bid to receive continuing workers’ compensation benefits before the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Third Department.

Hirschbeck retired part-way into the 2003 season when it was determined that he needed a hip replacement as a result of a 2002 injury. He received benefits through the New York workers’ compensation system and was subsequently deemed permanently partially disabled. Hirschbeck commenced a separate action alleging medical …

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