Supreme Court of New Jersey Ends NFL Super Bowl Ticket Suit

On April 4, 2019, the Supreme Court of New Jersey denied Josh Finkelman’s certification and seemingly his last attempt at legal recourse. As we have previously reported, Finkelman filed a proposed class action suit against the NFL for an alleged violation of a New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, which Finkelman claimed prevented event holders from withholding more than 5 percent of all tickets to a given event from “sale to the general public.”

In 2014, Finkelman purchased two tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII for …

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Former Florida Circuit Judge Faces Disciplinary Action Over Tampa Bay Tickets

On June 22, 2018, a referee’s report was returned regarding former Florida circuit court judge John Lakin and his use of baseball tickets that had been gifted to him by counsel while their motion was pending in his court.

While presiding over a personal injury case in 2015, Lakin returned a defense verdict.  The next day, Lakin was offered Tampa Bay Rays tickets from plaintiff’s counsel, whose firm was known to regularly give such tickets out within the legal community.  Lakin accepted.  About a week …

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Referee Recommends Probation for Attorneys Who Gave Judge Baseball Tickets

In March 2016, the Sports and Entertainment Law Insider wrote about a Florida judge who resigned after coming under fire for accepting tickets to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game from a law firm contemporaneously arguing a case in front of him. On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, the attorneys who provided the tickets to the judge were subjected to probation and admonishment penalties by a referee in the Supreme Court of Florida. The Florida Bar Association will now review the report and recommendations to determine …

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Will New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Tackle Alleged Unfair Ticketing Practices in the NFL?

Joseph Hanna, Chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Sports and Entertainment Law Practice Group, weighed in on New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s recent report over unfair practices in the event ticket industry, including the NFL Ticket Exchange, the league’s official online ticket market. Schneiderman’s report alleges that the way the NFL sells tickets potentially creates price floors, which in turn increases the costs of tickets.

Schneiderman has called for corporate and legislative changes in the ticket industry. However, altering the way tickets are sold may …

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Fan Seeks Rehearing in NFL Super Bowl Ticket Suit

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, NFL fan Josh Finkelman filed a petition for a rehearing in the Third Circuit, asking that the court reconsider its decision to dismiss his proposed class action suit against the NFL for allegedly violating New Jersey state law by not releasing an adequate number of Super Bowl XLVIII tickets to the general public.

The proposed class action alleged that the NFL was in violation of New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act by releasing only one percent of Super Bowl XLVIII tickets …

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Dallas Cowboys Exonerated in Class-Action Seating Suit; NFL Still In

On Wednesday, August 6, Judge Lynn of the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas granted the Dallas Cowboys’ motion to dismiss in another class action lawsuit arising from the 2011 Super Bowl XLV seating debacle.  The NFL, however, was not as fortunate.

The Dallas Cowboys hosted the 2011 Super Bowl and undertook the task of creating temporary seating to increase the number of tickets available.  The extended number of tickets were sold, but not all of the promised seats were constructed on …

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Fan Brings Class Action Suit Against NFL Over Super Bowl Ticket Price

NFL fans know they are going to have to shell out big bucks if they want to go to the Super Bowl.  At the time this was written, tickets were priced at a minimum of $2,500 on ticket resale websites.  Despite getting a “deal” and only paying $2,000 a piece for his tickets, Josh Finkelman filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL in a New Jersey federal court on January 6th, 2014.

Finkelman alleges the NFL violated New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act by limiting …

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