Texas Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Former Cowboys’ Linebacker Robert Jones’ TMZ Libel Suit

The Texas Supreme Court agreed on Friday to review whether a lower court was correct in allowing former Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Robert Jones to sue TMZ and Warner Brothers for a story claiming he allegedly attempted to hire a hitman to kill his agent, Jordan Woy.

The initial story, released on the sports section of TMZ.com on June 18, 2014, stated that a 47-year-old man named Theodore Watson told police that Jones approached him and tried to hire him to kill his agent. Watson then …

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The First Domino: Donald Sterling Files Suit Over 2014 Release of Audio Recordings

The saga of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling took another turn on Friday when he filed a lawsuit against TMZ Productions Inc. and V. Stiviano, his former mistress.

The lawsuit arises out of recordings taken by Stiviano of conversations between she and Sterling in which Sterling made a number of racist comments. One such comment involved him rebuking Stiviano for posing in a photograph with former NBA star Magic Johnson. The conversations occurred in September 2013, and were released in April 2014. Sterling …

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Stevie Wonder’s Alleged Blackmailer Claims the Higher Ground in Suit Against TMZ for Eavesdropping on Trial

Alpha Walker was on trial for allegedly extorting Stevie Wonder (by threatening to release a potentially embarrassing video tape).  In a strange turn of events, Walker is now suing TMZ for planting hidden microphones on the judge’s bench and recording privileged conversations during the extortion trial.

TMZ had been admitted to the courtroom to film the “on the record” portions of the proceedings.  Apparently, Judge Ray G. Jurado discovered that microphones had been planted on his bench and at the tables for both the prosecution …

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Pageant Mom Reigns Supreme with Settlement in Suit Against Tabloids

On November 6, 2012, the mother of Isabella Barrett (a child who appeared on TLC’s child beauty pageant television show ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’) settled a libel lawsuit filed against TMZ and the Daily Mall, two media outlets who allegedly “sexualized” the child’s performance at a January charity event in several news articles.  The complaint, which originally sought $10 million from each of the defendants, accused the media outlets of portraying Isabelle in a manner that was “perceived sexually, erotically and pornographically by the readership of …

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