Instant Impact: Why Former UGA Standout Cade Mays Will Likely Receive Transfer Waiver to Play in 2020

As astutely pointed out by Rustin Cohle in True Detective, “time is a flat circle.  Everything we have done or will do, we will do over and over and over again – forever.”  For any fans of college football, this certainly rings true as it pertains to NCAA transfers.

This week, prominent University of Georgia sophomore offensive tackle Cade Mays entered into the infamous transfer portal, and all signs point to his instant enrollment at the University of Tennessee. Georgia is no stranger to …

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Former Weber State Cornerback Files Antitrust Class Action Against NCAA

On November 5, 2015, a class action was filed against the NCAA in Indiana federal court. The NCAA, which has been the target of several lawsuits over student-athlete compensation restrictions, is now being attacked for anti-competitive transfer regulations.

Devin Pugh, named plaintiff and former Weber State cornerback, challenges the NCAA’s year-in-residence requirement and seeks to abolish scholarship caps. The NCAA’s current residency restrictions require student-athletes to take one season off when transferring between top-level schools. In the complaint, Pugh urges that the “NCAA’s limitation on …

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