MLB Opposes Umpire’s Request to Withdraw Confidentiality Designations in Discrimination Lawsuit

Major League Baseball has asked a federal magistrate judge to reject umpire Angel Hernandez’s request to eliminate confidentiality designations in his racial discrimination lawsuit against the league.

As we reported earlier, MLB umpire Angel Hernandez sued the league in July 2017, alleging that they discriminated against him based on his race. Hernandez has not worked the World Series since 2005 and, despite applying numerous times, was denied a promotion to crew chief. He alleged that these rejections were racially motivated and that chief baseball officer, …

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MLB Tagged with Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Angel Hernandez, an umpire for Major League Baseball, has sued the league along with the commissioner’s office. Hernandez alleges that racial discrimination — along with a long term personal vendetta between Joe Torre and himself — has been hindering his career advancement as a professional baseball umpire.

Hernandez filed his complaint in the U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, which claimed the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball and Major League Baseball Blue Inc. violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Ohio …

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