UNC Attempts to Block NCAA’s Latest Allegations Over “Sham” Classes

On Friday, May 26, 2017, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill made public their response to the NCAA’s third, and latest, NCAA notice of allegation of sham course for athletes. Their response included that the classes in question were available to all students and any irregularities were academic in nature and not subject to NCAA enforcement. The NCAA’s latest notice of allegations were filed at the close of 2016, and accused UNC of providing improper extra benefits to student-athletes so that they could remain eligible …

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As March Madness Looms, NCAA Opens Another Violation Investigation into UNC Academic Practices

Just when the University of North Carolina thought it was past the rounds of sanctions centering on academic integrity issues, the NCAA filed a third “Notice of Allegations” as 2016 came to a close. In the most recent notice, the NCAA alleged that the university provided improper extra benefits to student-athletes so that they could remain eligible for athletic competition. The notice goes on to allege that members of the men’s basketball and football programs received improper benefits, restoring a reference to the university’s premier …

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Academic Scandal Continues; UNC Denies Most Serious Charges Alleged by the NCAA

It has been more than a year since the NCAA brought charges against the University of  North Carolina after an investigation revealed that athlete students were enrolled in improper courses to receive high grades so they could keep playing sports and avoid suspensions. Although the NCAA removed men’s basketball and football programs from the charges in the spring, this only heightened the scandal against UNC’s women’s basketball program.

The scandal started with allegations that the University’s student athletes’ academic support staff allowed athletes to enroll …

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Tar Heels Under Fire, Release Emails Discussing Changed Grades for Athletes

On Thursday, May 12, 2016, collegiate sports powerhouse the University of North Carolina publicly revealed a slew of emails that show what appears to be professors and university staff engaged in discussions to boost or change the grades of student-athletes. The disclosure comes in response to an official NCAA academic fraud investigation into the school, and centers around the women’s basketball team.

The released emails, many of which have been redacted to protect certain players and professors, show university employees openly talking about expediently changing …

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North Carolina Going South: NCAA Brings Five Charges Against University

On Thursday, June 4, the NCAA brought five charges against the University of North Carolina as a result of approximately 3,000 students having had their grades inflated through faulty courses.  The charges were broad, rather than sport-specific, and dealt with the improper benefits that student athletes received through the formerly named African and Afro-American (AFAM) Studies department.  The five charges are considered potential Level I violations, and the athletic director stated that it is too early in the process to speculate on potential sanctions the …

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In-Depth Look: ex-UNC Athletes Sue for the Education They Were Denied

On Thursday, January 22, two more former student-athletes filed a lawsuit against both the University of North Carolina and the NCAA, claiming the institutions failed to safeguard and provide scholarship student-athletes with a meaningful education, directly attacking the ‘amateurism’ model the NCAA uses to defend its rules against student-athlete compensation.

The lawsuit filed is the second of its type stemming from the scandal exposed by the release of the Wainstein Report last October.  The report, investigated and written by former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein, largely …

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UNC Academic Fraud Report Released: 18 years of easy A’s

On Wednesday, October 22,  the report documenting an eight month in-depth investigation of alleged academic fraud at the University of North Carolina was released implicating over 3,000 students during 18 years of NCAA competition.

The report, authored by former federal prosecutor, Kenneth Wainstein, exposes a practice engaged in by counselors and teachers to protect student-athletes from academic requirements affecting their eligibility in competition.  Student-athletes were ushered into certain “paper classes” that required little to no work, attendance, or participation for a good grade.

The scandal …

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