WWE Granted Phone Record Request; Wrestlers Ask for Reconsideration

On November 9, 2017, the Connecticut district court granted World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.’s (WWE) request for phone records of calls between Marcus “Buff” Bagwell and Scott “Raven” Levy and attorney Matthew T. Peterson. WWE wanted the phone records to show that Peterson solicited the two former wrestlers to file the royalty suit against the WWE. The judge granted WWE’s motion because the wrestler’s attorney did not respond to the motion in time. The wrestlers had until noon on November 9 to file their response to …

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Former Wrestler and WWE Spar Over Royalties

Pro wrestler Rene Goguen brought a class action law suit against World Wrestling Entertainment in Connecticut federal court on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. This suit arises just days after WrestleMania, WWE’s biggest event of the year. The complaint alleges that wrestlers should be paid royalties from streaming services, such as the World Wrestling Entertainment Network (WWEN) and Netflix.

WWE’s outside counsel, Jerry McDevitt, is not concerned, stating the complaint lacks merit. According to McDevitt, Goguen and other wrestlers signed contracts which preclude the wrestlers from …

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