WWE Grapples With Another Potential CTE Lawsuit, Takes The Offensive

In the face of more potential CTE lawsuits, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. decided to take action. On Monday, June 30, the organization initiated a federal suit in Connecticut in an attempt to obtain a declaration that certain potential CTE lawsuits should be time-barred by statutes of limitations.

WWE seeks the declarations for cases that may likely be brought against it by Dynamite Kid, Black Jack Mulligan, and other former WWE wrestlers. This comes after the organization received warning letters about said potential claims from …

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WWE Takes A Jab At Data Transfer Efficiency Claim

A patent infringement suit was filed in Texas federal court in February by Orostream LLC against several companies including Fox News Network LLC, NFL Enterprises LLC, Target Corp., and World Wrestling Entertainment. The suit alleges that defendant companies infringed upon Patent No. 5,828,837, titled “Computer Network System and Method for Efficient Information Transfer.”

WWE recently filed for the invalidation of the part of the patent that Orostream LLC is claiming sports and entertainment companies are infringing upon through the use of their mobile content …

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Yet Another Concussion Suit Against WWE

It has been just over two months since a concussion suit against the WWE was filed last October.  Former World Wrestling Entertainment(“WWE”) wrestlers Vito LoGrasso, a.k.a. Big Vito and Skull Von Krush, and Evan Singleton, a.k.a. Adam Mercer, filed a suit against WWE, alleging WWE ignored signs of brain damages and other injuries while it focused on promoting violence for its business.

The court filing said,

“Under the guise of providing entertainment, the WWE has, for decades, subjected its wrestlers to extreme physical brutality

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Former Producer Sues the WWE Over Big Show’s Aggressive Interview That Was All Too Real

Former WWW Producer Andrew Green has filed suit against World Wrestling Entertainment (the “WWE”) and professional wrestler Paul Wight Jr. a/k/a “Big Show” over a messy backstage interview.  Part of Green’s job responsibilities as a producer was to interview wrestlers following their bouts.  Green was asked to interview Big Show after his World Heavyweight Championship bout vs. Alberto Del Rio during January’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.  Big Show initially refused to do the interview until he was informed that it was ordered by a high …

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