Trump Sues Neighbors Over Cut-Down Trees

On February 5, 2016, a golf resort and complex in Doral, Florida, filed five separate lawsuits against its neighbors on allegations of criminal trespass and destruction of property.  The resort, titled “Trump National Doral,” which is owned and operated by a company headed by the Donald himself called “Trump Endeavor 12 LLC,” claims that neighbors to the course cut down plants and trees that abutted their respective properties.  According to the individual complaints, which were filed separately against each homeowner, the foliage was planted completely on property owned by the golf course as part of a $200 million renovation process.

According to Trump Endeavor 12 LLC, the residents were warned in December by the Doral city council of interfering with the vegetation, claiming that the plants were already replaced once before. Damages are sought in excess of $15,000 per complaint. Trump’s company acquired the golf resort in 2012 after its previous owner declared bankruptcy in New York.

While most people know that Trump is no amateur when it comes to filing or defending against lawsuits, this is not even the first time the Doral golfing complex has found its way into a courtroom.  In 2014, Trump sued the city following a litany of fines and noise complaints issued to the golf course; however, that complaint was later voluntarily dropped after Trump decided it would be more beneficial to pursue working with the city of Doral rather than opposing it in court.

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