Fox Sports Top Executive Fired

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On Monday, July 3, 2017, Fox Sports, which is owned by 21st Century Fox, fired top executive Jamie Horowitz after a week-long investigation into alleged sexual harassment. Horowitz has been credited with introducing an influx of hotly-contested sports debate television shows to Fox Sports One following his departure from ESPN. His firing comes after other high profile Fox executives Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly were recently forced out or fired due to similar allegations, resulting in Fox paying approximately $45 million in settlements over the last year alone.

Sports Illustrated (SI) reported that a production assistant alleged that Horowitz attempted to kiss her outside of the workplace at some time last year after he promised he would be able to get her more work. Horowitz is fighting the allegations, and according to SI, will likely argue that he was treated unfairly due to Fox’s recent problems concerning Ailes and O’Reilly. Additionally, Horowitz may argue that he was denied an opportunity to meaningfully respond to the allegations.


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