Reality TV Star “Bridezilla” Charged with Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Anita Maxwell, a guest on Season 4 of the reality television show “Bridezillas” in 2007, was recently arraigned in California on multiple felony charges stemming from allegations of workers’ compensation fraud resulting in improper receipt of over $40,000 in benefits.

Maxwell, who also was left at the altar during her appearance on the popular show, was employed by the Cedars-Sinai Health System and came under investigation in 2012 after a claim for a neck, back, and shoulder injury.  Reportedly, Maxwell denied pre-existing conditions although she had multiple prior injuries for which she had received $20,000 in benefits.  When her treating physician learned of the existence of the pre-existing conditions, he changed his opinion regarding causal relationship of her injuries, which negatively impacted her claim for benefits.  In addition to misrepresenting her pre-existing medical history, Maxwell is also accused of submitting fraudulent mileage reimbursement requests for medical visits by exaggerating her travel which resulted in an additional $5,000 of benefits.
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