Disney, Sony Face Billion Dollar ‘Sister Act’ Suit filed by Harlem Nun

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Harlem nun Delois Blakely is suing Disney and Sony Pictures for allegedly stealing her life story for the plot of the popular movie “Sister Act.”  According to Blakely, she delivered a synopsis of her autobiography, “The Harlem Street Nun” to a Tri Star Pictures producer.  When they expressed interest in the story, producer Scott Rudin took the story to Disney, where they made “Sister Act.”

The Disney picture featured Whoopi Goldberg as a Reno singer who is forced to go into hiding in a convent in order to escape her mobster boyfriend.   While in the convent, she teaches the church’s choir to sing unconventional songs.   The film earned two Golden Glob nominations and made $231 million worldwide.

In her complaint, Blakely argues that the film, its 1993 sequel, and the 2009 musical adaptation “actualized” her real-life experiences.  According to the nun, the movies and Broadway musical are a “veritable similitude” of her work inNew York.  Blakely is demanding one billion dollars as restitution, reparation, and damages.

Summons and Complaint

Delois Blakely: ‘Sister Act’ Lawsuit Alleges Disney, Sony Stole Her Story


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