Reporter Attacks Brad Pitt at the “Maleficent” Premiere

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Brad Pitt allegedly got struck by a former Ukrainian TV reporter on the red carpet in Los Angeles.  The 25 year-old reporter Vitalii Sediuk jumped over the rope and struck Pitt in his face while he was signing autographs for the fans.  Sediuk was immediately handcuffed by LAPD and is currently held at the Hollywood jail for suspicion of battery.

Sediuk  is infamous for playing pranks on celebrities. His pranks reportedly started at the Venice Film Festival in 2011 when he gave Madonna a hydrangea which the singer apparently detested.  However, Sediuk gained his infamy when he tried to kiss Will Smith on the mouth at a red carpet event in Moscow the next year.  The list of his victims goes on: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, and America Ferrera, the latest one.  After his latest prank of crawling under Ferrera’s dress, he was fired from his employer, a Ukrainian channel called 1+1.

Because of his previous pranks, Sediuk is currently on three years of “formal diversion” in California which suspends criminal proceedings temporarily until the defendant fulfills requirements established by a court.

LAPD has issued an emergency protective order to bar Sediuk from going near Pitt for five days.  Further, the prosecutors plans to ask the court to issue an order barring Sediuk from any events in Los Angeles related to entertainment industry.

Reporter accused of attacking Brad Pitt out of job, faces charges

Diversion and Informal Diversion

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