Usher ‘Caught Up’ in Copyright Infringement Suit Over Single

Usher has been slapped with a copyright lawsuit in Illinois federal court by three individuals who claim that Usher and his record company stole their material for Usher’s hit single “Caught Up.”

Musicians Edwards, Moses, and McClean allege that shortly after they played their song “Caught Up” for Michael Barackman, Senior Director of A&R at Arista Records in October 2002, Usher released his hit album “Confessions,” featuring his hit single “Caught Up.”  According to the musicians, Usher and his record companies used the same melody, hook, lyrics, and chorus of their original copyrighted composition.

According to the complaint, both songs tell the same story of a man singing about his shock over a woman’s hold on him.  The choruses of both songs have one line, followed by the phrase, “caught up,” then another line followed again by the phrase “caught up.”

The musicians further allege that after notifying some of the defendants that they believed their song had been stolen, a representative of the defendants threatened that if the plaintiffs did not drop their infringement claim, actions would be taken to prevent the musicians from having any future success in the business.

The plaintiffs are seeking a judgment of willful copyright infringement and unspecified damages.

Usher caught up in legal battle over hit track

Three Musicians Accuse Usher of Copyright Infringement Over Hit Single “Caught Up” in Recently Filed Lawsuit

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