Was Vijay Singh “Singhled” Out?

Late last month, we reported that the PGA Tour asked the court to dismiss Vijay Singh’s public humiliation claims.  While the judge has yet to make a decision on that motion, recently released court transcripts from the oral arguments show that Singh thinks he was discriminated against.

Singh’s attorney claimed that Singh was singled out in his punishment.  He said the tour treated Singh differently than others for some reason.  It could be “because Mr. Singh isn’t from the United States or Mr. Singh didn’t go to the right PGA party or Mr. Singh did something that Tim Finchem didn’t like.”  But, whatever the reason, the Tour did not follow its historical pattern of “exception after exception” with regards to its administration and punishments under the drug policy.

In 2011, Mark Calcavecchia backed a product containing IGF-1 – a hormone similar to HGH.  The hormone is derived from deer antlers and is on the Tour’s list of banned substances.  Eventually, the Tour called Calcavecchia and told him the product was banned and to stop using it.

Yet, when Singh admitted to using the “Ultimate Spray” – which contains IGF-1 – earlier this year, he did not receive the same “slap on the wrist.”  After his admission, Singh was suspended from the Tour.

Singh says there is other evidence that suggests discrimination.  He says, around the time the Sports Illustrated article came out, he was drug tested and passed.

Even if Singh’s current claims are dismissed, he might still have a dispute with the PGA.  Saying he was singled out signals that Singh might be considering discrimination claims.

 PGA Asks Court to Buck Singh’s Deer-Antler Spray Case

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